Mustard Crop in Punjab: Status Update                        Temperature Rising in North-West India                        Wheat Crop in Madhya Pradesh: Status Update                        Mustard Crop Growth Status in Haryana                        Chickpea Status in Uttar Pradesh                        Wheat Status in Junagarh and Kurukshetra Districts                        AP to Witness Improved Chickpea Yield in 2015-16 over the Last Year                        Wheat Prospects in Punjab                        Likely Rainfall during This Week over Central and Eastern India                        मध्य प्रदेश में चना फसल : एक स्थिति अद्यतन                        हरियाणा में गेहूं की स्थिति                        Mustard in Gujarat : A Status Update                        Increased Chickpea Acreage in Maharashtra                        Higher Temperatures Leading to Early Maturity in Wheat in Bihar                        Light rainfall to ease soil moisture stress in central and eastern india                        Mustard in Uttar Pradesh : A Status Update                        Castor Crop Status in Gujarat                        Wheat in Rajasthan : A Status Update                        Status Update of Mustard Crop in West Bengal                        Coffee Production : A Status Update                        Guava Arrivals Declined This December                        Good Crop Growth but Low Acreage in Gujarat                        Status Update : Wheat in UP                        Status of Mustard in Madhya Pradesh                        Status of Chickpea Crop Growth in Karnataka                        Low Turmeric Arrival This December                        Status of Wheat in Punjab                        Status of Onion Crop                        Flowering Mustard in Bharatpur District of Rajasthan                        Status of Cauliflower Arrivals and Modal Price during November-December                        Status Update: Chickpea in Uttar Pradesh                        Sharp Decline in Garlic Arrivals During November                        Status of Mustard in Rajasthan                        All India Wheat Prospect                        Good Crop Growth of Chickpea in Rajasthan                        Potato in Uttar Pradesh                        Status of Wheat in Haryana                        Increased Chickpea Acreage in Maharashtra                        Slow Wheat Sowing in Gujarat                        Ginger Arrival Increased Slightly in November                        Higher Coffee Production Forecasts in Karnataka                        Arhar Crop in Maharashtra                        Wheat Sowing Commenced in Madhya Pradesh                        Low Paddy Production Expected in Barddhaman                        Declining Trend in Cumin Acreage in Gujarat                        Indigenous Vegetable Seed Development in Vaishali                        Slow Chickpea Sowing in Andhra Pradesh                        Higher Cardamom Export Expected During 2015-16                        Status of Blcak Pepper Arrival                        Tomato Prices Expected to Remain Firm                        Status of Maize Sowing in Bihar                        Higher Chickpea Acreage Expected in Karnataka                        Indian Sugar Production Likely to be Lower                        बिहार में गेहूं की बुवाई की स्थिति                        Higher Paddy Arrivals in Mandis Defies Low Production Estimates                        Conducive Weather Prevails in Major Tea Growing Regions                        Higher Coffee Production Expected in 2015-16 in Tamil Nadu                        Status of Wheat Sowing in Madhya Pradesh                        Chickpea Sowing Status in Uttar Pradesh                        Sowing Status of Wheat in Gujarat                        Wheat Sowing Commenced in Haryana                        Wheat Sowing in Punjab Likely to Begin in November                        Chickpea Sowing Begins in Rajasthan                        Recent Showers Boosted Mustard Sowing in MP                        Wheat Sowing in Uttar Pradesh Likely to Start in Mid-November                        Delayed Mustard Sowing in Punjab                        Mustard Sowing Delayed in Gujarat Due to High Temperature                        Status of Chickpea Sowing in Maharashtra                        Madhya Pradesh : Chickpea Sowing Commenced                        Mustard Sowing Commenced in Haryana                        Mustard Sowing Begins in Rajasthan                        Rajasthan to Have Less Groundnut Production This Year                        Increased Soybean Production Estimated in Rajasthan                        Low Productivity, Price Fall Increased Basmati Rice Farmers’ Plight                        Maharashtra Witnessing Low Cotton Production Due to Deficient Rainfall                        Castor in Gujarat : Status Update                        Low Guar Production Expected in Rajasthan                        राजस्थान और गुजरात में उच्च तापमान की संभावना: सरसों की बुवाई में एक से दो हफ्तों की देरी आवश्यक                        Deficient Rainfall induced Low Productivity of Soybean in Maharashtra                        Cotton Production to Decline in Gujarat Due to Deficient Rainfall                        Low Acreage of Castor in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana                        Status of Arhar Crop in Maharashtra                        Harvesting of Groundnut Started in Parts of Gujarat                        Tomato from Mysore Area Likely to Keep Prices under Check in Delhi NCR                        Harvesting of Soybean Crop Started in Madhya Pradesh                        Kharif Maize in Bihar: Low Production Expected                        Guar Status in Haryana                        Huge Damage to Cotton Crop in Punjab                        Castor in Rajasthan: Update                        Likely Rain During This Weekend over Gujarat : Better Groundnut Prospect                        Mung Status in Maharashtra                        Status of Arhar in Madhya Pradesh                        Prolonged Dry Spell to Affect Guar Prospect in Rajasthan                        Soybean Status in Maharashtra                        Cotton Status in Vidharbha Region                        Prolonged Dry Spell to Hit Cotton Crop in Saurashtra                       Deficient Rain to Affect Arhar Crop in Uttar Pradesh                       Crop-Weather Report for Basmati Rice                       Harvesting of Urad Crop in Maharashtra Likely to Begin in Mid-September                       Rain Deficiency to Hit Groundnut Production in Gujarat                       White Flies Spoiling Cotton Crop in Punjab

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